About Dee

Dee earned her pilot’s license at a small airstrip in Maine when she was 21 years old. She fell in love with flying upon taking her very first introduction flight. She continues to love the adventure of flying and the adventures remote Alaska flight can offer. As a mom of three amazing daughters and several grandchildren she understands and appreciates the importance of safety. Therefore, she only hires highly trained and experienced pilots who have many hours flying in Alaska.


Director of Operations

About Derick

Derick is an experienced Alaskan pilot who pays special attention to the safety and well being of his passengers. His outgoing personality and and guiding style makes for a fun trip. He also has 4000+ hours of Naturalist Bear Guide experience with Alaska Bear Adventures.


Chief Pilot

About Joe

Joe is a river guide by trade, followed by 15 years flying experience and +1500 hours of bear guiding with Alaska Bear Adventures. Born in upstate New York ending up in Alaska via Vermont and Colorado. 


Director of Maintenance



About Ben

Ben is originally from Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. Ben has also flown skydiving operations in Vermont, Utah, and California. Along with dropping people from airplanes, he has spent several summers in Alaska as a carpenter and outdoor educator. He has +1000 hours of bear guiding with Alaska Bear Adventures.



About Alec

Alec arrived in Alaska from the mountains of Colorado. He has +1000 hours of bear guiding with Alaska Bear Adventures. He’s super passionate about the outdoors and flying. His outgoing personality makes for a safe and fun bear viewing experience.